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If you are downloading any file made available under the Management Science replication policy, please note that the downloaded file(s) are to be used only for verifying replicability of the relevant paper's main results using the same data and model(s). It is possible that attempts to replicate an accepted or published paper may fail. If this leads to changes in one or more of the central results of the paper, the first step is to check with the authors of the original paper. If the problem still exists, a follow-up article documenting the mistake(s) and providing the correct solution may be submitted only to Management Science, and no other journal, as "Comments on". The follow-up article will go through the usual review process, and will be evaluated in terms of its incremental contribution, correctness, and other relevant review criteria. The writing and submission of the follow-up article does not require permission from author(s) of the original publication. Any other use of the downloaded file(s) is prohibited except with explicit permission by all authors of the publication or, if the data come from a third-party source, the cited originators of the data.

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